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Sadiq Khan, London Mayor, is currently implementing a new transport strategy for the capital. In doing so he is ignoring the benefits of motorcycles and scooters and therefore putting riders’ lives at greater risk. 

With thanks to the Motorcycle Industry Association, here's what you need to know about it and what you can do!

Following a public consultation on the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, Transport for London (TfL) has decided to ignore the benefits of using powered two wheelers (PTWs). In doing so, it is placing the safety of hundreds of thousands of regular motorcycle and scooter riders at risk by ignoring calls to properly include them in London’s transport strategy.

In its war on motorised transport and efforts for cleaner air, TfL is lumping commuter motorcycles and scooters in with cars, taxis and construction traffic, despite the fact that PTWs significantly reduce congestion in the capital, take up less road space and are far less damaging to air quality.

Before Mr Khan was elected, he told rider groups and industry that: ‘It is absolutely right for us to enable PTWs to play their part in delivering a less congested road network’.  

Since being elected, the Mayor has failed to translate that promise into his transport strategy. This will result in more misery for London commuters and other road users. Whether the Mayor likes it or not, motorised road transport will continue to be necessary for the day to day functioning of one of the world’s largest cities.

With an ideological approach towards cycling, he has reduced lane widths on several major routes making it difficult and more dangerous for PTWs to filter. He has thus far failed to orchestrate a consistent policy on bus lane access for riders and will not recognise that most small PTWs, of any age, already meet the ultra-low emission criteria and in turn support their use accordingly.

The Motorcycle Industry Association believes that congestion, air quality and rider safety can only be improved if the needs of this vulnerable user group are factored into road planning and transport strategy, in the way cycling is.  This proposition is supported in an industry whitepaper.

CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, Tony Campbell, says:  

“The Mayor clearly has his own agenda around motorcycles and scooters, which was not made clear to the riders who elected him following his promise to champion their contribution to reducing London’s congestion.

“At a recent meeting with the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA), the Mayor said that he agreed PTWs had an important part to play. In doing so he also agreed to review his Transport Strategy, taking into account the feedback he had received during the consultation period. To quote Mr Khan: “I have read through the industry’s response to my Transport Policy Document and can say I agree with most of what you are saying, not all but most”.

“Given this statement, it is more than disappointing that the Mayor has decided to yet again ignore what is clear common sense for transport policy.

“The MCIA strongly urges the Mayor to take another look at his plans to not only fulfil his pre-election commitment to riders and London voters, but also to honour his words at the recent meeting with Industry.”

Here at RealRoads, we see this as a potential major roadblock in the growth of the motorcycling industry as a whole as it will inevitably put people off using a totally acceptable form of transport that assists the country in meeting its environmental targets and reduces congestion on our fit to burst roads. Inevitably this model will get rolled out to other cities across the UK so we need to act now!

We'd urge you to petition your local MPs to represent our concerns and safeguard the future of motorcycling. Contact details can be found here 

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