The team at ART Rider Gear has been involved in attending, instructing and running track days over many years. We have gained vast experience of what works, what we all enjoy and how to share the benefits that track day riding can bring to your everyday motorcycling and confidence in your ability to handle the bike.

Since 2017 we have been part of the team at Silverstone Circuit days – comfortably the best run trackdays that we’ve been involved with in the UK. We are also available to book on a one to one or two to one basis on any track day of your choosing or why not come along to one of the great days at Silverstone Circuit.

If you want to improve your road riding and cornering, then joining us on track is the way forward. Even if you have never been on a track and just want to experience what it is like then this is the training for you.

We can offer advice on what is needed for your first day and how to get the most out of it from bike preparation and setup to which tyres and kit. In order to help you we have prepared a checklist - use the Contact page to request a copy – to help you get organised and avoid leaving important things behind!

Knee Down

This is a fun aspect of the instruction we regularly give when working on track! The lunchtime knee down sessions prove incredibly popular with riders keen to achieve this biking badge of honour!

Let us help you sort out the body position and lines needed to ride knee down.

Whilst the initial goal is to help riders learn how to get their knee down safely, what we found riders gained totally exceeded our expectations with a huge boost to confidence and enjoyment from knowing how far you can lean the bike and from understanding the correct body position to do so.

Learn to ride within the limits of you and your bike! We only offer this tuition on track!

What Does It Cost

If you want us on a one to one basis, it’s £195 for one of our race experienced instructors for the full day plus the costs of booking both your own and the instructors place on the track of your choosing. We can also film you throughout the day and provide you with follow up advice based on the video analysis for a small charge. We would normally expect to provide 5 sessions of training from the 6 or 7 available on most trackdays. 

Bike Hire

Worried about using your own bike? Then why not hire one for the day on track.

Track Bike Hire - We offer you the chance to ride a fully track prepared motorcycle at the track day of your choice, we supply you with a quality track bike and take care of everything for you, from delivering the bike to the track day you choose to providing you with full pit crew style support throughout the day. Prices from £299 per day.

Smallboy Track Bikes - Smallboy Trackbikes is a family run business that was set up in 2006 to provide customers with a quality machine that will help them enjoy their trackday experience without the need to use their own bike. 

Major Track Bike Hire - When using our services, our team delivers the chosen bike to the event, and stays with you during the whole trackday event to be of assistance.


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