You ride a motorcycle. You understand the sense of freedom it gives you. You know how much of a thrill it can give you.

You get all of this and you also understand the risks involved.

Here at ART Rider, we’re here to help with making sure you get maximum enjoyment with minimum risk. We want to make going back to school as interesting, informative and fun as possible and with our wealth of experience in many disciplines of riding, we believe that we’re well placed to get the most out of your riding.

After an initial chat through your requirements, our training will then be tailor-made to meet and exceed your needs. We can cover everything from urban riding to country lanes and bends. The individual nature of each course allows us to build your confidence in any part of your riding without a formulaic and potentially uninteresting syllabus based training approach.

Whether you’re a born-again biker, in need of a brush up of your skills or want to be the best rider you can be, ART Rider road training can give you the tools you need.

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