Macau GP 2018 - How to watch

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Just as you think the racing season is coming to an end, along comes the Macau GP to give us another action packed blockbuster of a race! Here's the timings and how to watch live...


Thursday 15th Nov 23:30-00:30 UK – Free Practice

Friday 16th Nov 08:00-08:45 UK – Qualifying One

Friday 16th Nov 23:30-00:15 UK – Qualifying Two

Saturday 17th Nov 03:50-04:10 UK – Warm Up

Saturday 17th Nov 07:55-08:55 UK – Race [12 laps]




With its high speeds, tight corners and uncompromising crash barriers, it's well worth getting the coffee on for the late nights and early mornings and of course we'll be cheering on RealRoads supported rider Peter Hickman!

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