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We all want to be better riders! Whether its on the road or track we regularly find riders struggling with aspects of their riding. Whether it is improving your machine control, body position, reading the road or just a change in attitude we can help you!

ART Rider is all about you and what you want to achieve. Whether a newcomer to two wheels or an experienced rider who has reached a level but wants to progress we aim to help develop the skills to allow you to fully enjoy your motorcycling. We will review and advise on all aspects of your riding in a relaxed informal way to help you get the most out of your time on the bike! All training starts with a thorough (and honest!) assessment of your riding and looks at areas where we can help make a real difference.

Our training can be road or track based depending on what you wish to work on and our assessment of your riding and the best way to achieve your goals. We operate in Essex and Suffolk or further afield if required and also offer training on any of our Tour events! Combine a holiday with some top quality advice - its a great and very cost effective way to learn! Not in our area?

We also work with the great team at Silverstone Circuit helping provide top class instruction at this iconic circuit throughout the summer months. These are highly professional well run events using the GP, National and Stowe circuits for the various dates.   

Our training is not just for sports bike riders and there should be something here of help or interest whatever type of machine you ride! Our instructors have years of experience on many different types of motorcycle.

All road or on track training can be filmed using our olfi one-five HD action cameras.  We will happily provide you with the footage of your time with us. 

Just ask and we can fix up training to suit you or if you are outside our areas we can happily recommend other instructors we have first hand knowledge of - see the training links below.

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