Oxford Scoot XA5 Alarm Disc Lock (5.5mm pin)

Oxford Scoot XA5 Alarm Disc Lock (5.5mm pin)

Scooter theft has reached epidemic proportions, so it's time to fight back! Oxford's new Scoot XA5 disc lock is not just tough, it's loud too. If it comes under attack, it will blast out an ear-splittingand disorientating 110dB alarm. It has a USB-rechargeable battery, comes with a coiled reminder cable which attaches to a dedicated eyelet and, most importantly... fits every type of scooter, including the (usually awkward) Vespa PX range.Key Features:
Loud 110DB alarm siren
3 keys included
USB rechargeable
Minder cable included
Hardened 5.5mm locking pin