OXFORD OXIMISER Pro 900 (UK plug) EL201

Oximiser Pro is a range of professional battery optimisers designed to automatically charge, maintain and optimise your battery.

The Oximiser Pro 900 charges 6 and 12V WET/MF batteries at a maximum charge rate of 800mA (0.8Amps). The intelligent 7-stage automatic program ensures that every battery is correctly and safely charged to its optimum voltage before switching into maintain mode - extending the life of the battery.

Suitable for use in any environment, the Oximiser Pro's high impact, fire resistant ABS casing is ultrasonically sealed to achieve an IP65 rating. The clear, easy-to-read LCD display assists the user throughout the charging stages and if required, the charger can be lifted off the ground by clipping on a removable hanger.

Key Features
• Weatherproof IP65 rated - indoor and outdoor use
• 7 stage automatic charging: polarity test, analyse, soft start mode, bulk mode, absorption mode, voltage check, maintain mode (float voltage)
• AH Capacity: 3.5AH - 20AH
• Compatible with: 6V & 12V WET/MF batteries
• Max output 800mA
• LCD display: clear and easy to read battery charging information
• High impact, fire resistant ABS casing
• Rear fitted rubber feet for increased ventilation around the Oximiser casing
• Waterproof cable exit with cable strain relief
• Winter-grade cable
• Removable hanger: easy to use, clip in and turn to hold the hanger in place