Oxford Mint General Protectant 500ml OC204

A highly effective, general purpose protectant with strong film forming properties, which create a protective coating to prevent moisture ingress and damage on all types of components. Mint General Protectant is particularly suitable for overwintering and long-term storage to help maintain condition of all components, including moving parts, metal fasteners, rubber seals and electronics.

During the autumn and winter months, when the roads are at their dirtiest, anti-moisture protection makes cleaning and caring for your bike easier.

It of course features a clean, minty scent.

Detailing finesse your pride and joy deserves.

Key Features
• Repels moisture.
• Enhances protection against dirt and grime.
• Light wax coating ensures longevity of protection.
• Clean, minty scent.
• Not tested on animals.

Great For
• Springs.
• Fork stanchions .
• Rust prone areas.

How To
1. Clean the bike with Mint Bike Wash.
2. Shake the can well and apply to disperse any residual water.
Note: Keep away from all brake components.