Oxford HardcoreXL Chainlock LK162 / LK161


The Hardcore XL is the UK's biggest selling approved chain & padlock. The chain has 12mm Square chain links and a sleeve to help protect your paintwork. 
The padlock is made with a forged hardened steel lock body and uses a hardened steel 11mm shackle for maximum protection against attack.

Key replacement service, on receipt of your chain lock, note your key number and keep in a safe place. In the unfortunate event that you lose all your keys, a new spare can be made up for you.

The chain lock is 5 minute attack tested:

Drill, Saw, Bolt Cropper and Sledge Hammer resistant
4.3 Tons Anti-Jack Strength
Freeze tested

The UKs biggest selling approved chain and padlock.

Winner of Ride magazine 1st in test

Thatcham approved

ART 4055 approved


12mm Square Link Chain 

Protective Sleeve


11mm Shackle

Forged hardened steel body

Sliding Key Dust Cover

Three keys Provided